Value Proposition

What I offer

  • Context. “Afour specializes in a Technical Writing service for Software User Documentation (SUD) only. This implies that my experience is rooted in software. I am not a jack of all trades, I do not write across all tech industries, such as; marketing copy, journalism, advertising, or sales copy.”
  • Benefit. “The core benefit of using my services is in my specialism in SUD which is where my experience is rooted. I think SUD, I talk SUD, I write SUD. So the value here is that I know how developers think and I know how users think when it comes to user documentation. So, your user is a big winner.
  • Differentiation. “Because I specialize in SUD unlike many others and I also focus on user-centered documentation, and hence I could save some ±40% of your support costs. I’ve been in this occupation professionally for over 17 years now. I’ve developed and created user manuals and micro-learning materials to assist user support and user training for over 70 projects.”
We should establish if what I provide is really what you need and that it makes sense for us to talk.
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